Hunting regulation changes for 2018-2019 season

Attention hunters! The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission has approved several regulation changes for the 2018-2019 hunting season. These include:

  • South Zone general dove season opens Sept. 14.
  • Shorter spring Eastern wild turkey season in 13 counties. Closing date will remain the same but opening date will be one week later. Eastern turkey season is now closed in San Augustine and Upshur counties.
  • New 9-day buck-only mule deer season in Lynn County.
  • Antler spread restriction (20-inch minimum) implemented for mule deer in 6 counties.
  • Clarification of a previous rule: any person who takes a buck in violation of antler restrictions is prohibited from subsequently harvesting any buck with branched antlers on both main beams in that county during that deer season.
  • Simplification of archery regulations: removed the requirements for broadheads to have two cutting edges and a specified cutting width, and removed the minimum pull and stock length requirements for crossbows.
  • Recension of a previously considered rule: air guns and arrow guns are not a permitted means of take.

Looking forward to the cooler temperatures of hunting season…

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