Preserving Texas’ Quail Heritage into the 21st Century

Proceedings of a Symposium
October 13-15, 1999
Abilene Civic Center
Abilene, Texas

Sponsored by:
Texas Agricultural Extension Service
Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University

Edited by:
Kenneth A. Cearley, Extension Associate – Wildlife

Steering Committee Members

Gary Bomar, Dale Cary, Ken Cearley, Merrell Davis, Alan Heirman, Justin Hansard, Joe Pat Hemphill, Paul Jensen, A. V. Jones, Jack Knox, James Lauw, Ricky Linex, Chip Martin, Kathy McGinty, Paul Melton, Robert Pritz, Cloy Richards, Dale Rollins, Steve Strutz, Tamara Trail, Todd Vineyard, Rocky Vinson, Roy Wilson

Table of Contents

Session I. Some Basics

Session II. Habitat Concerns

Session III. Population Management

Predator Management: a Point-counterpoint Debate

Session IV. Hands-on Management

Session V. Research Updates

Session VI. Potpourri

Session VII. Pen-raised Quail: Are They the Future of Quail Hunting?

Session VIII. Marketing Quail Hunting

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