This section is not intended to be all inclusive, but to provide initial direciton in procurement and cost of the equipment required to effectively utilize Brush Busters techniques.

Complete ATV Spray Sytem

Complete spray systems are available from many sources that easily attach to 4-wheel ATV’s. Prices will vary from $150 to over $300. Be sure the pump has valves made of Viton™ and santoprene diaphragm. To protect ATV stability, do not exceed a tank size of 25 gallons.

Suppliers: Northern Tool & Equipment 800-556-7885; Tractor Supply Stores

Backpack Sprayers

Backpack sprayers sell for $50 to $150. Either diaphragm and piston pumps work well. Solo™ backpack sprayers are one of the most common brands available, and can be purchased for under $100 on sale. A padded shoulder harness can be purchased for an extra $25 to $40. This add-on is well worth the money.

Suppliers: Ben Meadows 800-241-6401; Forestry Suppliers 800-647-5368; Northern Tool & Equipment 800-556-7885; Coop’s; Farm & Ranch Supply Stores and Chemical Dealers


Herbicides: Remedy, Tordon™ 22K, Velpar™ L and Reclaim™

Surfactants: Surf-Wet™, Merge™, etc.

Dyes: Hi-Light™ Blue Dye

Texas Department of Agriculture Pesticide Applicators License is required for the purchase of Tordon™ 22K.

Helena Chemical Co.
Tri-State Chemicals, Inc.
Central Valley Chemicals
Mid Valley Chemicals
Coop’s, Farm & Ranch Supply Stores
Note: Helenda, Tri-State, Central Valley and Mid Valley Chemicals have regional retail outlets across the state. Refer to your phone directory for the outlet nearest you.

Adjustable Conejet Nozzle (5500)

The nozzles will cost $10-$12 each. Orifice size is designated by the letter X followed by a number. Use X1 orifice for Brush Buster Stem Spray method and X8 for Leaf Spray method.

Suppliers: Wylie Sprayers, Inc. 888-249-5162

Plastic Tanks (10 to 25 gal.) for 4-Wheel ATV Sprayers

Many chemical dealers sell these types of tanks. To insure ATV stability, tank size should be restricted to 25 gallons or less. Costs vary considerably between retailers.

Suppliers: Northern Tool & Equipment 800-556-7885, Coop’s, Farm & Ranch Supply Stores, and Chemical Dealers

Shurflo Pump – 12 volt (1.4 gpm)

Be sure to use the Shurflo™ brand which has Viton™ and Santoprene™ parts. This pump can be used to spray oil:water emoulsions.

Suppliers: Northern Tool & Equipment 800-556-7885

Spot Guns

Sold under the names “Low-pressusre Gunjet” or “Meterjet Spray Gun”, costs very from $65 to $100+. Both are attached to a backpack sprayer to apply Velpar L. Low cost ($10 to $16) automatic syringes, available from Walco Animal Health or other animal health vendors work well when attached to a drench bladder.

Suppliers: Wylie Sprayers, Inc. 888-249-5162

Spray Guns

One of the most popular guns is a Triggerjet™ (22670-PP-24) with a 24-inch wand, X-8 adjustable cone nozzle and a 3/8-inch hose shank.

Suppliers: Wylie Sprayers, Inc. 888-249-5162