Undiluted Whorl Spray

Works Best:
If you have only a few yucca plants to control and do not have a backpack sprayer and the proper nozzle to use the Herbicide + Oil Whorl Spray.

When to Apply:
This treatment works best if used during the spring or summer.

1. Prepare Equipment
With this method you need an application device that can measure and deliver individual 2-cc to 4-cc doses of herbicide. For a small number of yucca plants, a disposable syringe can be used. For a large number of plants, an automatic syringe or exact-delivery handgun (e.g. drench gun) will be better. These two devices are connected to a reservoir (i.e., sheep drench bladder or herbicide container) so they don’t have to be refilled manually. Remedy™, the herbicide used with this method, is corrosive to the plastics used in some automatic syringes. The automatic syringe or exact-delivery handgun should be thoroughly cleaned with warm, soapy water and lubricated with mineral oil after each use.

2. Preparing the Herbicide
Use the herbicide Remedy™, undiluted. Add 1 ounce of Hi-Light™ blue spray-marking dye to each gallon of Remedy™ to help identify treated plants. Apply 2-cc to 4-cc of undiluted Remedy™ to each yucca whorl. The 4-cc rate will kill more plants, but at a cost of approximately 9 cents per whorl for the herbicide alone. Control may drop 10 percent or more with the 2-cc rate, but the herbicide will be about 4 cents per whorl.

3. Spray the Yucca
Place a dose of undiluted Remedy™ in the center of each whorl.

Keep these points in mind:

  • Follow the herbicide label directions.
  • The cost of treatment escalates rapidly as the number of plants and whorls per acre increases.
  • Do not spray when yuccas are wet.
  • Do not use Remedy RTU™ for this treatment method.
  • Thoroughly clean application equipment after use.