2008 Texas Quail Study Group
2008 Brush Sculpting…A Decade Later
2008 West Texas Deer Study Group – Back to the Basics: White-Tailed Deer Management
2005 Symposium for Land Managers: Fire as a Tool for Managing Wildlife Habitats in Texas_
2004 West Texas Deer Study Group – Managing Genetics in Deer: Questions, Quibbles, and Quandaries
2004 Behind the Dozer: A Comprehensive Investigation of Follow-up Brush Control Options
2004 Texas Quail Short Course
2003 Saltcedar and Water Resources in the West
2003 RAWHIDE: Ranching Aimed at Wildlife Habitat Improvement and Diversification of Enterprises
2002 Use of Remote Sensing Cameras in Wildlife Management
2002 Survey of Wildlife Surveillance Cameras
2002 Initial Effects of Prescribed Burning on Survival and Nesting Success of Northern Bobwhites in West-Central Texas
2002 Sustaining the ‘Quail Wave’ in the Southern Great Plains
2001 SP-113: The Role of Predator control as a Tool in Game Management
2000 Brush, Water, Wildlife: A Compendium of Our Knowledge
2000 Status, Ecology and Management of Scaled Quail in West Texas
1999 Preserving Texas’ Quail Heritage into the 21st Century
1999 First National Feral Swine Conference
1998 The Role of Genetics in White-tailed Deer Management, 2nd Edition
1997 Juniper Ecology and Management
1997 Brush Sculptors: Innovations for Tailoring Brushy Rangelands to Enhance Wildlife Habitat and Recreational Value
1996 Supplemental Feeding for Deer: Beyond Dogma
1996 Texas Quail Short Course II
1995 Coyotes in the Southwest
1994 Texas Quail Short Course
1994 Private Property Rights and Responsibilities of Rangeland Owners and Managers
1993 Managing Livestock Stocking Rates on Rangeland
1993 Feral Swine: A Compendium For Resource Managers
1991 Brush Management
1990 Grazing and Brush Management On Texas Rangelands
1988 International Ranch Roundup
1985 East Texas Build Beef Income Program: Beef Producers Survey
1983-87 South Central Texas: Beef Herd Improvement Program 1983 – 1987
1982 Prescribed Range Burning in Central Texas
1981 Trans-Pecos Plant Poison Symposium
1980 Prescribed Range Burning in Coastal Prairie and Eastern Rio Grande Plains of Texas
1980 Prescribed Range Burning in Edwards Plateau of Texas
1979 Prescribed Range Burning in Rio Grande Plains of Texas

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