How To Beat Mesquite

The mesquite tree is one of the toughest, most invasive species of brush in the world. It thrives across the western two-thirds of Texas, both in rural pastures and on urban lots.

Here’s a three-step way to control mesquite that’s easy, inexpensive, environmentally responsible and effective. Using these Brush Busters methods, which involve spraying a small but potent concentration of herbicide directly on each plant, you’ll be able to keep the mesquites and other shrubs and trees you want and get rid of those you don’t.

Just keep in mind that controlling mesquite is not a one-time job. Livestock and wildlife do an excellent job spreading seeds, so you’ll need to go over your land regularly to get rid of unwanted seedlings.

Professionals with the Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Service, both agencies of the Texas A&M University System, have developed and approved these three-step Brush Busters methods of mesquite control. Your results may vary with weather and other conditions, but you should be able to knock out more than seven of ten mesquites treated.

Brush Busters recommends two ways to control mesquite, depending upon tree shape. If most of your mesquites have a few well-defined stems or trunks coming out of the ground, you’ll find the Stem Spray Method works best for you. If you mesquites are bushy, have many stems at ground level, and are less than 6 to 8 feet tall, try the Leaf Spray Method. Whichever way you choose, with these simple directions, you’ll find you can successfully control your mesquites the 1-2-3 Brush Busters way.