Rancher’s Reference Guide

Reference Guide for Texas Ranchers

Dr. Allan McGinty


Effective ranch management requires a tremendous amount of information. At any given time, a ranch manager may be making decisions concering care and management of livestock, control of noxious plants, use of fire to improve forage quality or reseeding of native pasture. The purpose of this reference guide is to consolidate some of the basic information ranch managers need for proper decision making.

This guide is not intended to be all inclusive or extremely specific. Most of the information was adapted from Experiment Station or Extension Service publications. Some of the information represents “expert opinion” rather than the results of quantifiable research. All of the information was subjected to professional review.

Appreciation is expressed to the many Texas Agricultural Experiment Station scientists and Texas Agricultural Extension Service specialists who contributed to this guide. Special thanks to the following persons for their individual contributions: Mr. J.F. Cadenhead, Dr. Bruce Carpenter, Dr. Jake Landers, Dr. Tommy Welch and Dr. Larry White.

This guide is divided into 6 sections: Common Conversions, Livestock Husbandry, Grazing Management, Rangeland Weed and Brush Control, Seeding Rangeland and Additional References.