Deer and Quail and Turkey… oh my!

Setting goals for wildlife management helps you focus your efforts on tasks that will benefit the species you want on your land. But what if you are interested in having multiple species on your land?

Wildlife occur naturally in communities, which are groups of species that use similar habitat. When you manage for any native species, you are also benefiting other species with similar habitat requirements. For example, “crazy quilt” habitat for quail benefits many species of songbirds that need a mixture of open grassy areas and brush.

Perhaps you manage your land for white-tailed deer. Would you like to simultaneously benefit quail or turkey populations? What about benefiting deer and quail and turkey?

When managing for both deer and quail, consider reducing grazing pressure so that deer can access sufficient browse. Quail do not need as much brush as deer. Turkeys and deer overlap quite nicely in their brush needs, but to benefit turkey you must pay attention to the structure of woody vegetation. Turkey require tall roost trees surrounded by clearings.

Managing for deer, quail, and turkey can be tricky, because quail prefer less brush and more bare ground compared to turkeys. To manage for all three game species, or to increase the number of species on your land in general, maintain a variety of habitat types so that animals can meet their needs throughout the year.

For more information about quail, deer, and turkeys, check out the publications available in our Game Management section.

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