Wildlife and flooding

When a natural disaster strikes, wildlife have limited ways to respond. Floods commonly displace many species from their usual homes and allow other species to access new areas. As the water recedes, people may be surprised to find wildlife in unusual places. Most wildlife displaced by flooding is simply trying to find food and shelter. However, if people are unaware of their surroundings, negative encounters with displaced wildlife can result.

One particular concern during post-disaster cleanup is snakes. Debris piles created during a storm attract snakes for several reasons: debris provides shelter, attracts prey (rodents), and provides a place for snakes to warm up in the sun or cool down in the shade.

Another concern after a flood is snakes that find their way into houses. If you find a snake inside, remember that most Texas snakes are nonvenomous and harmless!

For tips on snake safety and dealing with snakes in and around the house, check out the fact sheet below.

Snakes and Flooding

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